Tour De Force Scholarship

This award is presented to a currently enrolled student in a college, university or conservatory who demonstrates exceptional talent and commitment to furthering the works of contemporary composers.

Scholarship awardees are featured on The New Music Conflagration, Inc.’s website. The purpose of The New Music Conflagration, Inc.’s scholarship program is to alleviate some of the strain associated with pursuing a degree or career in music so that qualifying students can focus less on financial worries and more on honing their craft as a performer or composer of contemporary concert music.

Scholarship money may only be used for the purposes of tuition, books or music supplies. If a student is found in violation of the intended use of scholarship funds, is placed on academic probation, expelled from school or leaves before the halfway point in the award semester, the student is responsible for the return of up to 50% of the scholarship fund.

To be eligible for the Tour De Force Scholarship an individual must:

– Be currently enrolled in a college, university, or conservatory

– Be actively pursing a degree in music or career in music

– Have performed in a concert presented by The New Music Conflagration, Inc.
or volunteered at a cultural development event such as an Instrumental Petting Zoo

– Demonstrate talent on their primary instrument

– Demonstrate a commitment to furthering the works of contemporary composers

The scholarship committee reserves the right not to award a scholarship if a suitable candidate is not available. Scholarship award amounts vary each year based on the annual budget. A letter to the student and school upon award will confirm the amount of the scholarship.

Fall Scholarship
Deadline: May 1
Announcement: July 31 (on or around)

Spring Scholarship
Deadline: October 1
Announcement: December 31 (on or around)

NMC Tour de Force Scholarship Application

Past winners

Fall 2014 – Madeline Varda


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