Meet 2017 Toy Piano Festival Participant – Samara Rice

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Samara Rice is a contemporary classical music composer and educator based in Southern California. Textural elements, unusual instrumentation, extended performance techniques, and imagery inspiration combine themselves to form her compositional sound. She has had her works performed and workshopped by notable ensembles such as the Southern California Brass Consortium, Friction Quartet, Hocket, VEDA Quartet, Gnarwhallaby, and Hannah Addario-Berry. Samara is currently pursuing a Master of Music degree from the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at California State University, Long Beach. She graduated cum laude and with department honors from the University of California, San Diego with a bachelor’s degree in music composition. Samara’s teachers include Dr. Lei Liang, Dr. Chinary Ung, Rand Steiger, Dr. Alan Shockley, Dr. Alexander Miller, Dr. Martin Herman, Dr. Adriana Verdié, and Dr. Philippe Manoury. You can listen to more of her music at

What sparked your interest in toy piano?
A friend introduced me to the works and performances of Phyllis Chen through a news article shared on Facebook. I instantly knew I had to compose a piece for toy piano and have now written a few! I have had the honor of composing and performing for two (soon to be three) of UCSD’s Toy Piano Festivals. Also I recently was the event producer for a Toy Piano Family concert featuring Phyllis Chen at the Ojai Music Festival. And I am writing a Toy Piano Chamber Concerto for my master’s thesis piece.   

What do you hope to achieve artistically or educationally from your participation in the festival?
I absolutely love composing for the toy piano! I would greatly enjoy meeting other like-minded musicians and composers that also share the same love for toy pianos.

Professional Website

Facebook – Artist Page



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