Meet 2017 Toy Piano Festival Participant – Aaron Keyt

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Seattle-based composer Aaron Keyt (b. 1964) studied composition at the University of Washington, beginning when he was 13, and continued with graduate studies at Princeton University with Milton Babbitt and J.K. Randall. He has written numerous works for piano, organ, and chamber ensemble, as well as computer-generated music. His only orchestral work, “Largo,” was premiered by the Seattle Symphony in 1983. Also an active improviser, he is a founding member of Banned Rehearsal, a Seattle ensemble now in its 32nd year.

What sparked your interest in toy piano?
I’ve had access to a classic Schoenhut for many years. In 2006, my parents gave me a Schoenhut “grand” for Christmas, and I set out to compose some pieces for it.

What do you hope to achieve artistically or educationally from your participation in the festival?
I look forward to the opportunity to meet a wide variety of composers and to hear a wide variety of music! I always learn from having performers tackle my scores, from audience reaction, and (perhaps especially) from hearing my own music surrounded by other new music.


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