Meet 2017 Toy Piano Festival Participant –Amit Weiner

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עמית ויינר - תמונה נוספת מכווצת.jpgBiography
With an international career as a composer and a pianist, from New York’s Carnegie Hall, to concert halls all over Asia, Amit Weiner’s music has reached vast audiences and achieved numerous prizes. His music has been performed across the United States, including New York’s Carnegie Hall, and in England, Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, Ireland, Israel, and China. As a composer he is active in the fields of concert music, music for film, and popular music. His oeuvre includes over 40 chamber and orchestral works. In addition, he composed music for two full-length silent films, and his credits for TV and films include titles for music libraries such as Gothic Storm Music, Big Sync Music (London), and two films by Rai TV (Italy). Dr. Weiner is a senior staff lecturer at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, where he teaches composition and theory classes, and directing various ensembles, and from 2016, will hold the position of The Head of The Cross-Disciplinary Composition Division.

What sparked your interest in toy piano?
The moment I read about this festival and The New Music Conflagration, inc. I know I have to do the best I can to participate in the festival. It is such an exciting project, both challenging and childish-like, to try compose the best you can with the limitations of a toy piano. As an educator and a senior staff at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, the best music institute in Israel, I strongly believe in the idea of making contemporary music more accessible to the public. In a personal note, while composing the piece for the festival I felt a spark lighting up in me! A spark that lights up only on special occasions (such as my wedding…), that moment I knew it was a right choice to work on this project.

What do you hope to achieve artistically or educationally from your participation in the festival?
There is no doubt it is a great honor to be chosen by the committee of the festival. That alone is a great achievement. Moreover, I have no doubt all of the festival’s participant are talented musician, performers and composers. It would be a celebration of ideas and an opportunity to meet and hopefully, in the future, to collaborate with musicians from different disciplines, artistic background, and cultural roots. i believe all great thing ae born as a result of inter-disciplinary, multicultural meeting.

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