Meet 2017 Toy Piano Festival Participant – Adam Scott Neal

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Adam Scott Neal (b. 1981, Atlanta) is a composer, video artist, and improviser. He earned a PhD at the University of Florida and previous degrees at Queen’s University Belfast and Georgia State University. Adam has enjoyed over 150 performances of his music in 28 states and 9 countries. He is Program Director for the Charlotte New Music Festival works for East Carolina University.

What sparked your interest in toy piano?
Sometime during my doctorate I was watching performances of John Cage pieces on YouTube. I stumbled upon Phyllis Chen’s channel, where she performed toy piano works by Cage, Karlheinz Essl, and others. Upon further research, I found that a number of pianists had decided to specialize in toy pianos. I ended up writing about this trend as part of my dissertation.

What do you hope to achieve artistically or educationally from your participation in the festival?
I hope to gain further insight into why players and composers are fascinated with the instrument, as well as sharing my research on some of the repertoire. I hope that my composition will gain a place in said repertoire.

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