Idy Red- Waltzes and Busking in the Texas Sun

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This summer, we have been doing a lot of busking here in Dallas, TX. Busking is a great way to try new things (like banjo!), a great way to practice (while also making a few bucks), and a great way to get people to know about you. We’ve teamed up with a local popsicle restaurant here, and there has been a popsicle stand next to us at some of our busking events. Super fun!

We have been working on some really cool old time music this past summer, and have included some awesome waltzes. Waltzes are the epitome of beautiful simplicity, I feel like. They’re simple and repetitive, but so pleasing to the ear! My favorite thing in the world is seeing people dance to our waltzes. Luckily, there are hundreds (if not thousands!) of waltzes in American folk music history for us to draw upon for inspiration!



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