Discover This: 5 Pieces by Rodion Shchedrin

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Rodion Konstantinovich Shchedrin (b. 1932) is one of the most recognizable Russian composers of concert music today. Shchedrin has a diverse and prolific compositional output including: operas, musicals, ballets, symphonies, concertos, chorus, solo voice, solo piano works, solo instrument as well as chamber ensemble. While Shchedrin is highly celebrated in his homeland, his works aren’t as well known to us in the west. Below we have compiled a playlist of works to introduce you to Shchedrin’s signature sound:

1) Cello Concerto, “Sotto Voce” for cello and orchestra in four parts (1994)
2) Self Portrait, variations for orchestra (1984)
3) Concerto for Orchestra #5 – “4 Russian Songs” for orchestra (1998)
4) 4 Pieces from The Humpbacked Horse for piano (1952-1961)
5) Carmen Suite (after G. Bizet) for ballet orchestra (1967)


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