New Music Cyber Monday!

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Black Friday & Small Business Saturday are months away but here at The New Music Conflagration, Cyber Monday has come early!

With our second concert season right around the corner, The New Music Conflagration is in need of donations to continue our work of promoting contemporary concert works and developing our community through music! Finally a fundraiser you can participate in without leaving the house or changing out of your pajamas: welcome to our online silent auction!

Thanks to a number of independent locally-owned businesses from the Tampa Bay Area, we are excited to offer a range of awesome swag! Items include gift certificates, baskets, and tickets to local events.

Perhaps you know somebody who loves a good mosh-pit? Never fear! One of our featured items is a package from Daddy Kool Records including a pair of tickets to Rise Against at Janus Live with a $25 gift certificate.

Or maybe you want to send a special message with an elegant timeless piece of jewelry? Well, guess what?!? We have a sterling silver .925 green geode bracelet from Now and Then for that girl you want to impress or for yourself!

For our bohemian, hippie, and hipster friends we have just the thing to make a statement that’s eclectic and eco-friendly! Cozette’s Boutique has donated a beautiful handmade bag made from recycled material, with bold prints by a French designer. It is accompanied with a $25 dollar gift certificate to the boutique which gives you a wonderful introduction to international and local designs!

In addition, Michele Tuegel Contemporary Gallery has donated a hand woven necklace from Colombia, accompanied with a $25 gift certificate to bring you into a world that combines ‘cultural artifacts and select grouping of timeworn, antique objects and furniture to create a well-balanced aesthetic mix — thus looking at art as design with a fresh, ultramodern appeal.’ -good for those looking to update and design their home with something refreshing and vibrant!

All of these items and more can be found at:

The auction has already begun and will go through midnight October 3rd, 2014. If you wish to donate, the auction site also has a donate feature as well. All proceeds and profits made from the auction will be donated to The New Music Conflagration, Inc. in order to defray costs for the 2014-2015 year. Happy Cyber Monday my friends!


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